HLCM GROUP, INC. is a surveying, engineering, and mapping, agriculture and construction Technology Company offering end-to-end industry solutions to Puerto Rico and Caribbean market. The company was established as a corporation under Puerto Rico law in the year 2007. Since then, we have become the obvious first choice for local surveyors and mapping professionals seeking solutions in the following areas: Traditional surveying, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), GPS RTK networks, GPS for mapping, PDAs (for various related applications), surveying, engineering and mapping software. Our principals are considered the island’s GPS pioneers, as they have been involved in numerous initiatives concerning the technology’s distribution and implementation in a wide variety of applications.


We boast a team of superb, highly trained and experienced technicians that attest to our standing as the leading supplier on the island. Combined with our network of IT integration specialists and project managers, HLCM GROUP tackles nearly any project in which surveying, engineering or mapping solutions are integrated with information technology.


VRS Systems, our sister company provides positioning professionals with instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating reference stations (CORS). VRS System PR covers the entire Island, we have eight GPS/GNSS receivers located around the Island, offering the best coverage and the only reliable service in Puerto Rico.