VRS RTK Coverage

VRS System PR covers the entire Island, we have eight GPS/GNSS receivers located around the Island, offering the best coverage and the only reliable service in Puerto Rico.


VRS System PR is the only company in Puerto Rico that owns and operates its system, no other private company owns the GPS Receivers in their GPS Network, and therefore other companies cannot guarantee the continuity of service, accuracy, support and reliability. We can guarantee our service as we have access to all of the sites where our GPS Receivers and all of the Internet access points are located.


We are the only company that can offer a truly VRS solution, no other company has this capability, competitors software only provide RTK network solutions always attaching to the closest physical GPS Receiver not providing any benefits or advantages when comparing with typical radio RTK corrections.

True VRS correctors: Trimble Pivot

Trimble Pivot platform is the new foundation for infrastructure Apps. Various Apps support a wide and growing range of capabilities and may be combined to create complete solutions to the specific requirements of individual applications. Based on the latest server software technology, Trimble Pivot platform provides a robust and scalable framework to deliver exceptional system performance, enable flexibility in configuration and reduce the cost of operations. In this latest release, Trimble Infrastructure is excited to introduce two mobile apps: the Trimble Pivot Admin and the Trimble Pivot Field. Mobile device users can instantly download either mobile apps on their device, and access system information like health states, runtime information, and atmosphere conditions, at anytime and anywhere.

To view and learn more about the various Trimble Infrastructure apps that operate on the Trimble Pivot platform, visit the Market Specific Apps tab.

Reliable, Consistent Performance:

Trimble Pivot software provides the consistent performance you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your network. Advanced protection such as protected memory areas and new algorithms for raw data analysis will provide the security that you need to prevent system crashes and unreliable data from disrupting your network.


Trimble VRS TM networks use RTK solutions from the Trimble Pivot software to provide high-accuracy, real- time kinematic (RTK) GNSS positioning for wider areas. A VRS network improves productivity while at the same time reduces costs, by eliminating the need to set up a base station.