Seco Products and Accesories

SECO Manufacturing Co., enjoys a worldwide reputation for being on the cutting edge of designing and manufacturing tools and accessories for surveying, construction, utilities and other industries that use GPS/GNSS technology.

Instrument Tripods

Seco Instrument Tripods
  • Aluminum Tripods
  • Fiberglass Tripods
  • Wood-Fiberglass Tripods
  • Specialty Tripods
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Seco Bipods
  • Thumb-Release Bipods and Tripodss
  • Other Bipods and Tripods and Accessories
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GNSS Surveying Accessories

Seco GNSS Surveying Accessories

Brackets and Adapters

Seco Brackets and Adapters<
  • Ball and Socket Link
  • Claw Pole Clamp with Compass
  • Interior Bracket for TSC 3
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Claws, Clamps, Brackets

Seco Claws, Clamps, Brackets

Tribrachs and Adapters

Seco Tribrachs and Adapters

Prism Poles and Accessories

Seco Prism Poles and Accessories

Prisms and Assemblies

Seco Prisms and Assemblies
  • Pin Pole Kits
  • 25 mm Prisms and Assemblies
  • Front Locking 62 mm Prisms and Assemblies
  • Rear Locking 62 mm Prisms and Assemblies
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Robotics Accessories

Seco Robotics Accessories
  • Robotics Accessories
  • Robotics Poles
  • Quick-Release GNSS and Robotics Poles and Rods
  • 360° Prisms
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Optical Instruments

Seco Optical Instruments
  • SECO Auto Levels
  • Spectra Precision Auto Levels
  • Theodolite and Accessories
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Construction Lasers and Detectors

Seco Construction Lasers and Detectors

Laser Scanner Accessories

Seco Laser Scanner Accessories

Leveling Rods and Accessories

Seco Leveling Rods and Accessories

Stream Gauges

Seco Stream Gauges
  • Metric Stream Gauges
  • 100ths/10ths/feet Stream Gauges
  • 10ths/feet Stream Gauges
  • Un-Numbered Stream Gauges
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Seco Vials
  • Replacement Vials
  • Assembly Replacements
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Bags and Cases

Seco Bags and Cases
  • Bipod and Tripod Bags
  • Gear Bags
  • Utility Bags
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Safety Vests

Seco Safety Vests
  • ANSI/ISEA Class 2 Safety Vests
  • ANSI/ISEA Class 3 Safety Vests
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Miscellaneous Field Supplies

Seco Miscellaneous Field Supplies

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